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World Cup

Episode 3 – Kiwi

This week, New Zealand are the star attraction, round up of recent games, ‘Call My Fact’, The Bard, Ilunga Mwepu, Chris Waddle, Alf Di Stefano and Mark Knofler, Mark Bresciano and some coach theft.

Stop Blaming Me!

So, the poor little mites in England’s squad aren;t happy at being booed for being awful. Do English Premier League players ever have to accept blame for anything at club level?

Ballon D’Air

Seriously, why has this World Cup failed to ignite. We’ve had a few half decent games but, on the whole, and particularly at altitude, there have been passes going astray, control has been lacking, keepers have been fumbling and row Z..

Episode 2 – Sweaty Socks

Call My Fact, Media Watch, the games so far, SWEAT, Peter Drury, Scotland, Ryman Smeltz, the People’s Johnson, April 25th, reportage from 50s America, Weiss, Dunga Style and the poor lad Corden, who I am now starting to feel a bit sorry for.

Todays Papers

Today the tabloids ratcheted up the Grrrrrrrrr! Many hackneyed images of and references to war, conflict and the very English St George. The red tops have gone all Tony the Tiger and want us to put the Grrrr …

Episode 1 – Vuvu Pygmy

Episode 1. South Africa, Media Watch ‘Hit Wood’, Vuvuzelas, The Poor Man’s Ian Rush, Pigmies and will Gabriel Clarke and Gabby Logan get cosy while following the England team around South Africa? What happened to El Tel and will Jurgen Klinsman put the boot into England?

Podcast: RealWorldCup

Well, here we go. Our first tentative steps into the world of the podcast. Not new, no bells and whistles and you’ve stopped subscribing to loads of others. You may …

Our England Squad

Fab’s due to pick his squad today, here’s what we want it to be. Fab will probaby choose Carrick instead of Parker though.

Non League Day
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