the real fa cup


Notts Co .v. Forest Green

It’ll be winter, New Year in fact, we’ll be freeeezing. You folk have chosen to send us off to the north with a virst glass dicket do dottingham.

South 5 North 2

Four pubs, seven goals, 70 stewards and a handful of fans. Brentford racked up five goals, two for Charlie MacDonald, two for Myles Weston while Graeme Armstrong notched twice for Gateshead.

North South Divide

Tomorrow night we’re heading to Griffin Park to, rather childishly, do the four corners pub run and, more seriously, go to a game to see if Gateshead can pull off an unlikely cupset.

Fog On The Cam

A bit late with this one so apologies, been a very busy week. A comfortable win for Cambridge in truth and we got a few glimpses of potential future stars. Chris Holroyd and Jai Reason for Cambridge and Sam Duncum for Ilkeston.

Millers Scrape Past Stones

Thanks to our little chat with Ashy earlier in the week and the few League two sides dumped out of the cup on Saturday, we were rather looking forward to this.

Non League Day
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