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Is It All Over

You’ve got a big day out, a final no less. Where do you want to go? City of Manchester Stadium? Hmmm, not really. What about Old Trafford? Well, maybe, but can’t we go to Wembley? ‘fraid not, some beegveegs are in town and they have fatter wallets and they don’t want the likes of you anywhere near the pitch for a couple of weeks before their delicate little waifs have to pirouette around it. But you’ll bring all your fans up to Manchester, won’t you …

Down And Out In Woodbridge And Ipswich

It’s not the FA Cup but the essence of a local derby is very cup-like. Bragging rights to the victor, the vanquished has to wait another year (at least) for revenge. Derbies are effectively regionalised cup finals. And, as it’s not top flight, therealfacup can just about get away with a Championship derby – and what better one than El Tractico, Ipswich Town .v. Norwich City. This is going to be very painful reading … Matt Townsend

Gloves On

The gloves are most definitely now ON at the Premier League. They’ve leapt across the ring and bloodied the nose of the Coca-Cola League –

Non League Day
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