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Behind the scenes at the North Berks Football League Groundhop. Ben Woolhead.

I heard a rumour …

A short paean to those players that make you go “oooh” – more specifically to ex-Dulwich and now Peterborough United’s new young Turk.

Bring Me The Head Of Diego Garcia

While the air of novelty hung heavy over this fixture, there was something about it that struck a chord with therealfacup. In an era of football when money is king and fans and players alike think they deserve to win, both the Chagos Islands and Sealand have a reason not only to just play football but to simply be recognised by the World

Mr Hebburn. Alphonse To You.

Alphonse Reyrolle and Hebburn Town – Take one Tyneside town, add a French industrialist, start up a footy team and, hey presto, 99 years later they’re mixing it with the big boys on the verge of FA Cup history.

Finding Horley

Juliet Jacques travels from Horley to Horley, returning for FA Cup football and maybe finding something, among the horribly familiar, she’d never encountered before.

2011 Awards – The Joyful Stuff

Our surprisingly successful poll (3,000 votes!) earlier in the year decided FC United of Manchester were the people’s choice for the most impressive team of the season in the early rounds of the Cup. Hythe Town came a fractional and deserved second. Now the losers ribbons are floating around Wembley, here’s our final instalment, our highlights of the year and our First Choice XI team of the year.


You’ve heard from the runners up in The Real FA Cup’s Team Of The Year, Hythe, already and now we hear from the winners, FC United of Manchester. Sparing us a few personal, honest and thought-provoking words on FC United and his relationship with the FA Cup is Ed Barrett. As a founding member of FC United, Ed has an equal share in the club and an equal say in running it, just as it should be.

Runners Up

As you’ll probably have now gathered, The Real FA Cup Team Of The Year for 2010/11, as voted for by the fans, was a close run thing between two teams. We’re hoping to get a few words direct from both clubs about what the Cup run has meant to them as a club and a community. If you think the FA Cup means nothing anymore then you should probably read the account of Paul Markland, Chairman of Poll Runners Up Hythe Town.

Diverging Paths

In January 2000, Peter Crouch’s professional football career was nose-diving into oblivion. Going in the opposite direction from Dulwich Hamlet to Spurs was promising non-league hotshot Dave McEwen. What happened next?

Non League Day
Bobby Robson Foundation