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The Football Virgin – Margate 1 K’s 1

Do you take your day at the game for granted? Ever wondered what it would be like for someone who has never been to a game? I went for a day out in Margate, predicted the score, FAILED to meet most of the people I’d intended to meet and went to the game with a football virgin.

Looking For Lightning

Guest author Simon Field continues his search for a new team to light up his life. This week – FA Cup 2nd Qualifying Round: Paulton Rovers .v. Didcot Town.

In Kent We Trust – FA Cup 2Q

What a splendid week for Cup football and the Underdog. Of course, the media thirst for these giant killings is big, the thirst from fans is big but too much thirst slaking can drown you …

Pitch Battle On Red Bridge

This year has been the year of the excuse. In the World Cup it was the new Jabulani ball and in the English Cup finals and play off finals it was the pitch. In the case of the ball it was clear to us and we blogged about it then

Pie, War Heroes & Very Cheap Beer

A bit of a Northern tinge to this round’s preview, we hear from Glossop’s Jonathan Haggart and feature a few Vodkat teams. This week we’re off to Redbridge and Cray to see how they roll.

The Joy Of Sixty

A trip to a place that is remarkably free of drinking establishments doesn’t seem, on the face of it, an ideal day out for us at The Real FA Cup.
Neither did it for most of the rest of the human race.

Dynamo, Corinth & Emley

It’s FA Cup Prelim weekend. We’re off to Corinth, a nod to Dulwich, a wave at the Charlton Brothers, lighting up the Dynamos, West Ham get a fright and the tale of one club becoming two and heading for a possible FA Cup match up.

From Bovril To Champagne

A book landed at the premises of therealfacup. It was about the FA Cup. FA Cup finals of the ’70s to be precise. Leeds, Sunderland, Arsenal, Southampton and Ipswich et al. We ran our eye over it and this is what we thought.

Soggy Moles Fall At The First

Mole Valley’s first chance of FA Cup glory on a soggy/sunny/soggy/sunny August evening ends in defeat as Chertsey Town bag five. Rainbows, an early touch of the ball, gourmet dinner and a Papali appointment.

Bzzz Off

Arundel 4 Hailsham Town 1. A little trip south for the extra preliminary round of the FA Cup. Featuring such joys as back heels, 3-1-4-2, wasps, pie, castles, Father Jack and some more wasps.

Linnets 1 Maine Road 1

Last season we followed the Road To Wembley of a man on a mission to raise much needed funds for Cancer Research UK. This season Richard Knowles takes a trip back to where the campaign began.

Holes, Dug By Little Moles

It feels like the first day of term, it’s still summer, been anywhere nice on your hols, got new trainers, how full is your Panini, that new Geography supply teacher is fit, shouldn’t we still be watching cricket? Ahem.

Our Cup Runneth Over

We are all now polishing off our summer footballing aperitif, so it must be time for the starter course of the Extra Preliminary Round of the FA Cup. Woohoo. Back to therealfacup we go.

Did That Just Happen?

Brief musings on the Championship Play Off Final … It’s difficult to describe the emotions you encounter before, during and after a momentous game …

The Unwatchable Final

Can anyone except Chelsea and Portsmouth fans really be arsed to watch this year’s cup final, or even read a piece about whether anyone can really be arsed about this year’s cup final?

Non League Day
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