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Ascot United 1 – 2 Wembley

Where the hell did all those people come from? FA Cup final penalty save hero saves no penalties. therealfacup find itself on a train out to the ‘burbs, enjoys free burgers and sees an experiment succeed. The FA Cup must be underway again. And how!


“Ladies and Gentlemen, yesterday at Wembley we might have lost the Cup but you the Liverpool people have won everything. You have won the admiration of the policemen in London and you have won the admiration of the public in London.”

therealfacup .v. socrates

Manchester City may well still have the ruddy flush of hard-fought victory in their cheeks and be parading ‘their’ FA Cup around the US of A but for hundreds of non-league sides, the Extra Preliminary Round of the 2011/12 FA Cup starts in but 4 weeks. Don’t get your hopes up but one of the team’s we’re going to see don’t do dull cup games …

Current front page features Extra Preliminary games from previous years.

Into Battle With TRFAC!!

The new season must nearly be here, for the FA Cup Extra Preliminary Round fixtures are out. This season we’ll have the usual sloppily arranged previews/reviews/randoms, some attempted arty photos of ephemera and possibly some exciting new stuff that will no doubt please one or two people, annoy a few others and be met with significant indifference by the vast population of England, nay, the WORLD.


You’ve heard from the runners up in The Real FA Cup’s Team Of The Year, Hythe, already and now we hear from the winners, FC United of Manchester. Sparing us a few personal, honest and thought-provoking words on FC United and his relationship with the FA Cup is Ed Barrett. As a founding member of FC United, Ed has an equal share in the club and an equal say in running it, just as it should be.

To Rusholme With Love

Novel! We have our first ever comment on an FA Cup Quarter Final. Breaking new ground! We don’t normally go this far! Reading fan and esteemed Football League blogger Rob Langham of twounfortunates gets all whistful.

Runners Up

As you’ll probably have now gathered, The Real FA Cup Team Of The Year for 2010/11, as voted for by the fans, was a close run thing between two teams. We’re hoping to get a few words direct from both clubs about what the Cup run has meant to them as a club and a community. If you think the FA Cup means nothing anymore then you should probably read the account of Paul Markland, Chairman of Poll Runners Up Hythe Town.

Awards – The Big One!

Our small part in the 2010-11 FA Cup is now pretty much over, having been on board from the extra preliminary round we’ve followed the usual slew of stories that make the Cup what it is. Here in Part One we ask you to pick out the Team Of The Tournament, next time in Part Two we look at the ephemera that makes the Cup what it is.

Exclusively On ITV

ITV are well aware that no-one is interested in the group stages of the Champions League so they hawk the FA Cup around like it’s the new black until March. When it comes to highlights packages though, they really couldn’t give a monkeys.

The Disappearing Magic Of The FA Cup

Just before the transfer window slammed shut, we snapped up the highly sought after young buck, Stuart Fuller, from theballisround for an ‘undisclosed fee’ right from under the noses of Chelsea. WIN! West Ham 3 Nottingham Forest 2 was his poison …

Brighton Eye Bushey Tale

Watford 0 Brighton 1 – League One’s Arsenal take the sting out of the Hornets (oh come on, that’s lazy!) Brighton’s brave new badge is up and running. Inigo Calderon and Gary Dicker inspire the Seagulls – [WARNING] includes singing!


Arsenal 2 Huddersfield 1 – Arse! Indeed. Having outplayed their betters for about 20 minutes in the lead up to their goal, Huddersfield then went into their shell. We snuck in through the back door to see what happened.

Let’s Concentrate On The League

The FA Cup: An erudite essay about one man’s modern, painful ambivalence towards the oldest knockout tournament in the world – and how it can’t be revived. By Mark Finnigan, a supporter who’s no longer convinced by the Cup but knows full well he should be.

Go Fourth!

It’s Watford v Brighton, straight out of the 1980s FA Cup story book. The pinnacle and start of lean times for both teams … a bit of Steve Foster, Thames Valley Royals, Grays & Keys, Floating Bob Maxwell and England’s failure

FA Cup Found: Alive And Well!

Not another article about the Magic Of The Cup? Well, no, not quite! This one picks holes in Daily Fail opinion, proves it wrong and that the actual competition losing the FA Cup fans and its lustre is the Premier League. No, really. It’s got stats and everything!

Tora Torres Rams Rams

Messi may have won the World player of the Year last night, but could he do it on a cold, wet and windy Monday night in Sussex, as the lazy journalist’s cliché goes? Well, probably he could yes, but it was Torres – Sergio, not Fernando – who did the business for Crawley last night, sealing Crawley’s place in the fourth round of the FA Cup for the first team in their history.

(Red) Devil

After a night of high drama at Broadfield, non-league Crawley knock the stuffing out of former FA Cup finalist Nigel Clough. Some people saw the giant killing but a whole load of others saw through it and into a world of murky dealings and a club throwing their weight around. This led to a small problem for therealfacup, what do we think about it … ?

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