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Extra Preliminary Round


“Ladies and Gentlemen, yesterday at Wembley we might have lost the Cup but you the Liverpool people have won everything. You have won the admiration of the policemen in London and you have won the admiration of the public in London.”

therealfacup .v. socrates

Manchester City may well still have the ruddy flush of hard-fought victory in their cheeks and be parading ‘their’ FA Cup around the US of A but for hundreds of non-league sides, the Extra Preliminary Round of the 2011/12 FA Cup starts in but 4 weeks. Don’t get your hopes up but one of the team’s we’re going to see don’t do dull cup games …

Current front page features Extra Preliminary games from previous years.

Soggy Moles Fall At The First

Mole Valley’s first chance of FA Cup glory on a soggy/sunny/soggy/sunny August evening ends in defeat as Chertsey Town bag five. Rainbows, an early touch of the ball, gourmet dinner and a Papali appointment.

Bzzz Off

Arundel 4 Hailsham Town 1. A little trip south for the extra preliminary round of the FA Cup. Featuring such joys as back heels, 3-1-4-2, wasps, pie, castles, Father Jack and some more wasps.

Linnets 1 Maine Road 1

Last season we followed the Road To Wembley of a man on a mission to raise much needed funds for Cancer Research UK. This season Richard Knowles takes a trip back to where the campaign began.

Holes, Dug By Little Moles

It feels like the first day of term, it’s still summer, been anywhere nice on your hols, got new trainers, how full is your Panini, that new Geography supply teacher is fit, shouldn’t we still be watching cricket? Ahem.

Our Cup Runneth Over

We are all now polishing off our summer footballing aperitif, so it must be time for the starter course of the Extra Preliminary Round of the FA Cup. Woohoo. Back to therealfacup we go.

Broxbourne 1 Enfield 4

A sunny mid-summer Sunday afternoon saw us travel to Broxbourne to see them take on local rivals Enfield in the Extra Preliminary Round of the FA Cup.


Tooled up for our raid on Norf West Lahndan we head for Lords for the smack of leather on willow, cucumber sandwiches, a flask of tea and maybe a nip of gin. Oh, no, hang on, that isn’t linseed oil, it’s deep heat, the football season has started and excitement is in the air!

Non League Day
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