the real fa cup

4th Round

Exclusively On ITV

ITV are well aware that no-one is interested in the group stages of the Champions League so they hawk the FA Cup around like it’s the new black until March. When it comes to highlights packages though, they really couldn’t give a monkeys.

The Disappearing Magic Of The FA Cup

Just before the transfer window slammed shut, we snapped up the highly sought after young buck, Stuart Fuller, from theballisround for an ‘undisclosed fee’ right from under the noses of Chelsea. WIN! West Ham 3 Nottingham Forest 2 was his poison …

Brighton Eye Bushey Tale

Watford 0 Brighton 1 – League One’s Arsenal take the sting out of the Hornets (oh come on, that’s lazy!) Brighton’s brave new badge is up and running. Inigo Calderon and Gary Dicker inspire the Seagulls – [WARNING] includes singing!


Arsenal 2 Huddersfield 1 – Arse! Indeed. Having outplayed their betters for about 20 minutes in the lead up to their goal, Huddersfield then went into their shell. We snuck in through the back door to see what happened.

Go Fourth!

It’s Watford v Brighton, straight out of the 1980s FA Cup story book. The pinnacle and start of lean times for both teams … a bit of Steve Foster, Thames Valley Royals, Grays & Keys, Floating Bob Maxwell and England’s failure

Non League Day
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