the real fa cup

3rd Round

It’s All Over

Final instalment of Phil Annets round-ly reviews. The Real FA Cup is over for another year, all non league sides extinguished. Salut.

FA Cup Found: Alive And Well!

Not another article about the Magic Of The Cup? Well, no, not quite! This one picks holes in Daily Fail opinion, proves it wrong and that the actual competition losing the FA Cup fans and its lustre is the Premier League. No, really. It’s got stats and everything!

Tora Torres Rams Rams

Messi may have won the World player of the Year last night, but could he do it on a cold, wet and windy Monday night in Sussex, as the lazy journalist’s cliché goes? Well, probably he could yes, but it was Torres – Sergio, not Fernando – who did the business for Crawley last night, sealing Crawley’s place in the fourth round of the FA Cup for the first team in their history.

(Red) Devil

After a night of high drama at Broadfield, non-league Crawley knock the stuffing out of former FA Cup finalist Nigel Clough. Some people saw the giant killing but a whole load of others saw through it and into a world of murky dealings and a club throwing their weight around. This led to a small problem for therealfacup, what do we think about it … ?

Groundhog Day For Fulop

Chelsea 7 Ipswich 0 – FA Cup 3rd Round.
On Saturday we nodded towards Danny Baker by agreeing that sometimes it’s amusing to see the underdog hammered in the FA Cup. The irony is not lost on me that those words were uttered by an Ipswich fan who had just asked a Chelsea fan to write a report on this game. These things are sent to test us …

FFS Use Your Imagination!

The draw for the 9th Round of the FA Cup is here and, for some odd reason there are only two teams left in!! We thought there were 5 or 6 rounds left yet but, apparently, no, it’s all down to the last two already.

Non League Day
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