the real fa cup


Ascot United 1 – 2 Wembley

Where the hell did all those people come from? FA Cup final penalty save hero saves no penalties. therealfacup find itself on a train out to the ‘burbs, enjoys free burgers and sees an experiment succeed. The FA Cup must be underway again. And how!


“Ladies and Gentlemen, yesterday at Wembley we might have lost the Cup but you the Liverpool people have won everything. You have won the admiration of the policemen in London and you have won the admiration of the public in London.”

therealfacup .v. socrates

Manchester City may well still have the ruddy flush of hard-fought victory in their cheeks and be parading ‘their’ FA Cup around the US of A but for hundreds of non-league sides, the Extra Preliminary Round of the 2011/12 FA Cup starts in but 4 weeks. Don’t get your hopes up but one of the team’s we’re going to see don’t do dull cup games …

Current front page features Extra Preliminary games from previous years.

Into Battle With TRFAC!!

The new season must nearly be here, for the FA Cup Extra Preliminary Round fixtures are out. This season we’ll have the usual sloppily arranged previews/reviews/randoms, some attempted arty photos of ephemera and possibly some exciting new stuff that will no doubt please one or two people, annoy a few others and be met with significant indifference by the vast population of England, nay, the WORLD.

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