the real fa cup


Not My Cup Of Tea

An enthusiastic cup’er attempts to show his other half what she’s missing by taking her to Wingate & Finchley. What could possibly go wrong?


Bobby Moore, broken camera, Fathers For Justice, pointless railway stations and Oxford City 1-1 Didcot Town. Two Unfortunates’ Rob Langham takes one for the team.

Chertsey 4 Lewes 1

We’ve been to Chertsey before, Lewes hadn’t and neither had the Lewes Lunatic Fringe, nor had The Ball Is Round’s Stuart Fuller. Chertsey 4 Lewes 1.

A Kick In The Gornals

Gornal Athletic 4-3 Rugby Town. FA Cup Preliminary Round Replay. The lure of the FA Cup works it’s magic on a new victim. Steve Scott gets sucked in by Gornal Athletic.

Finding Horley

Juliet Jacques travels from Horley to Horley, returning for FA Cup football and maybe finding something, among the horribly familiar, she’d never encountered before.


Lingfield 4-1 Fisher FC. FozFest weekend finished with a masterclass of finishing, Fozzy style. Fisher’s slick moves couldn’t get past the Lingfield machine.

Kerrtains For Marske

More FA Cup! Newcastle Davey got us a Whitley programme signed by two of Bay’s Wembley FA Vase heroes. He could write “Pooooooh” all over this site for all we care but, as it happens, he’s better than that. Whitley Bay 2-0 Marske.

Paulton 1 – 2 Clevedon

Simon Field on flying Blackberries, the love of squabbling, JeffBridges, unexplained and excitingly long suspensions, Shrek, vomiting and Octonauts & The Giant Squid. Paulton 1-2 Clevedon.

Musselmen Cling To Victory

Warren Carter takes a break from allotments and unusual vegetables for a spot of tea with the vicar, a bit of Non League Day and what it can mean to Non League sides. Oh – and he watched Shoreham .v. Lancing in the FA Cup.

The Good The Badshot The Ugly

Badshot Lea 0 – 1 Chertsey. Clint Eastwood, FA Cup football, Thorpe Park, Cuban Heels, TEA, Spencer Trethewy, 1986 food prices. Some of these things written about by Danny Last of EFW. Apologies for the toe curling headline, that was us not EFW.

When Harry Met Dowie

Stuart Fuller Says: Back in the summer of 1983 Sir Cliff Richard paid a surprise visit back to Cheshunt where he went to school as plain old Harry Webb. Whilst he was there he took a drive down Theobalds Lane on his way back to give the new M25 a bit of a spin …


Imagine standing in the shower for twenty minutes with all your clothes on. Then imagine going to stand next to a football pitch in those clothes … hello summer! Colliers 1-1 Chessington

Daggers Double

The Daggers take a day off from their Diary. A confusing array of ground swapping and a generous giveaway to groundhopping. One day, two grounds, four teams.

Keeper Striker Keeper Striker

When his own side, Glossop North End, suffered FA Cup defeat before he’d even arrived back from an inconveniently timed holiday, Jonathan Haggart felt there was a hole in his season before it had begun. Which is why, on Tuesday night, he found himself at…

The Amphitheatre Of Dreams

Fisher FC secretary Dan York recalls the former Athletic’s FA Cup journeys and looks forward to a re-invigoration of the dream in historic Chichester.

Non League Day
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