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Dulwich Hammered

Sutton United 5 – 1 Dulwich Hamlet – FA Cup 2nd Qualifying Round 2011/12.

Never, ever, in the time we’ve been doing this has there been a game where we didn’t have a beer before the game. There’s not been many where we haven’t had a beer at half time. There have been fairly few where we’ve not had a post-matcher.  Today we managed to fail all three. A new record.

DSC_0010.JPG I’ve never had shaking hands after a heavy night before, that is not a good sign, is it?  Simon was out all night dancing to young people’s music.  As a result … well, that didn’t go too well, did it?  The team that got us into all this got humped. Still can’t make up my mind if the scoreline was flattering, about right, or wildly conservative. In truth Sutton had a lot of chances, however, Dulwich also had some decent spells but lacked a quality final ball.

To be brutally honest, I could barely remember who I was … look at Simon’s photos instead.


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  1. Watching football when hungover can be amazing when your team is winning but finish you off if things aren’t going so well.

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