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Tweet Your Scores

Have you ever noticed that it’s almost impossible to find out FA Cup scores in the early rounds?

Well so have we – so we decided to fix the problem using Twitter.

If you are going to a cup game this weekend and you are on Twitter, if you use the #facup hashtag in your tweets any scores you tweet will be shown on our live scores page.

At the moment the service relies on users using the team names EXACTLY as the database has them – we are hoping to change this in the future to be more flexible but for now, your score tweets will have to have the team names exactly right.

Tweets only need to contain the home team, the away team, the score and the #facup hashtag to update our database. The format should be:-

<anything you like> HomeTeam United 1 AwayTeam City 0 <anything you like> #facup <anything you like>


<anything you like> HomeTeam United 1-0 AwayTeam City <anything you like> #facup <anything you like>

If you put FT anywhere in your tweet, the match will show as being finished.

This is the very early stages of this service so please bear with us if things go horribly wrong or don’t work at all. Any scores you see on here are dependent on people’s tweets so please don’t take them as read until the FA confirm them. We can’t be held responsible for overdrafts and hangovers caused by all-night celebrations after by an erroneous result.

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  1. Great idea.

    Will try and update from Lancaster v Halifax tomorrow (nailed on 0-0 now).

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