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Into Battle With TRFAC!!


The new season must nearly be here, for the FA Cup Extra Preliminary Round fixtures are out.

This season we’ll have the usual sloppily arranged previews/reviews/randoms, some attempted arty photos of ephemera and possibly some exciting new stuff that will no doubt please one or two people, annoy a few others and be met with significant indifference by the vast population of England, nay, the WORLD.

In short, we might do a podcast, because there has been a clamour (Ed: is two people really a ‘clamour’?) for some bite sized chunks of audio FA Cup waffle.  Ah well, if we don’t that’s all the more time to devote to promising much and delivering little in our very own dusty corner of that which no one speaks, the early rounds of the FA Cup before English football’s behemoths join in … having had byes for seven rounds … the massive cheats.

Or we might just sit back and chill with a Bud and see what happens. And there it is, the FA Cup’s new sponsor … regular FIFA/World Cup bedfellows and purveyor of adults’ fizzy pop … Anheuser Busch. A big thank you to the FA for inviting us along to the unveiling of the new supporters of the oldest knock out cup in the World. As defenders of the underdog we sould churlishly whine and moan about the choice but, frankly, they sponsor FC Dallas and I am nursing an embryonic crush thanks in no small part to the Polyphonic Spree.

Admin out of the way … first up this season is going to be a little thing for the bloggers out there, a curtain raiser if you like. More to follow on that.

Over the next few weeks there will be some tinkering because of groundsharing and we fully expect a game somewhere on Friday 19th August, most on the 20th August and possibly some on Sunday 21st.

Now we’re off to choose our first tie …

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