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Familus Horribilus

The Football Supporters’ Federation recently wrote a piece about FA Cup final ticket allocations and availability to fans of the two clubs who actually got to the final. Those allocations being pathetic, 25,000.

23,000 tickets go to the wider ‘football family’ and 17,000 club Wembley tickets go to pay for the very expensive Stadium. In one sense, the Club Wembley tickets are understandable, stuff needs to be paid for, in the short term anyway. But what of the 23,000 ‘football family’ tickets?

One of the questions the FSF posed was ‘how many tickets should go to the ‘football family’?’  Many valid points were raised, including stricter rules imposed on who actually receives the tickets.  However, this is the FA we are talking about, this is not going to change and if it does it will only be nominal and cosmetic.

This ‘family’ though, perhaps needs to take matters into its own hands, like it has on so many other occasions. All fans of football clubs are in the ‘football family’, all officials and employees of the various clubs are in the ‘football family’, all of these people, potentially, have access to tickets. People, the fans, who miss out on tickets to see their team in the Cup final are members of that ‘family’, should those who miss out not be able to count on their brethren to stick up for them when no one else does?

What I am saying is, why doesn’t this much put-upon ‘family’ just get together their 23,000 complimentary tickets and give them to the mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters who actually support the clubs who are at Wembley? Why not? The people missing out on tickets are part of the same family as the 23,000 people who accept the tickets that prevent them from going. Not much of a family. Of course, the real problem is the FA but, if the football community is as close as it is claimed to be, maybe it could be a little more altruistic and do something to rectify the situation?

The conclusion you draw is that some of the ‘football family’ are more than happy to have a jolly while their little brothers have to sit in a stinky pub and, in Stoke’s case, miss the only ever FA Cup they have got to – and perhaps ever will. The ‘family’ is happy to sit back and sup at the top table while conveniently allowing the FA to take all of the flak.

Familus Horribilus

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