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Stop Blaming Me!

Well, it would seem this tournament has seen a bit of a shift in attitude towards the players and it will continue to do so while they continue to stumble.

Broadsheet, if not quite tabloid, opinion appears to be moving towards vilifying the ring leaders in this pathetic England team.  The general consensus being, ‘oh stop making excuses and grow a pair, you overpaid sensitive nancy boys’.  For too long now these pampered half-people have been blaming others or searching hard for excuses with which to pass off their failure and in doing this seem to forget that the fans expeect glorious failure but would rather avoid weak-willed, submission, lack of application and competence.  The players milk goodwill, act with wilful self interest and, astonishingly, also with excessive arrogance and delusion.

‘Clear the air talks’?  You’re presumably having a laugh?  The only air that really needs clearing is the hot stuff that emanates, permanently, from every robotic member of this bloated, media trained whiny squad.  There is something to be said for ensuring all England players are ‘in a good moment’, as Fabio might say, but there is a line where good preparation becomes pandering to their every whim.  This pandering is what they get day in / day out at club level and that clearly turns affable young men into monstrous sulking ogres with a whole bag of frozen Iceland chips on their shoulders.  It is never their fault, at club level it is always the ref, the opposition, bad luck, the fans getting on their backs etc etc.

The Premiership player is not programmed to accept responsbility, there are almost no consequences to even the worst actions. These delicate little flowers (delicate when it suits them, that is) want to talk and have their point heard, which is fine but the talk is cheap, it is rarely backed with action. And the talk of the England squad member is the most bargain bucket of any footballer at the bst of times.   As Rooney, seemingly now the second or third most deluded of these pound shop moaners, showed how completely out of touch he now is by complainaing of boos after the Algeria game.  Is it impossible for such cosseted individuals to accept or understand the reasons why they are booed?  As has been pointed out by many better commentators than I, they were booed because a lot of people had spent a lot of money and taken a lot of holiday to watch these players have a decent tournament, in line with expectation.  They don’t expect this bunch of players to win the World Cup but they do at least hope highly paid and trained professionals, who perform brilliantly for club, can manage the simple tasks like effort and competence.  The vast majority of England’s team have, seemimgly, been unable to.

But yet, we know, of course, that none of this failure is the footballer’s fault, we don’t understand. Outwardly they talk the talk but it’s what they have been told to say. The extra stuff that leaks out gives them away.  Excuses excuses, always the same.  First it was the altitude, then it was the ball, then it was press intrusion, now it’s when the team is picked and how it’s picked and how they train – allegedly.  Sorry chaps, it may well, minutely, be some of those things but it can’t be the manager’s methods.  After all, throughout qualifying, when you were winning, you loved them, he was a breath of fresh air, you loved the discipline of knowing who was boss.  Remember? He is doing very little different now.

I am uncertain how any of these factors can explain how Rooney goes from being a player with the best touch in England to a player unable to control the simplest of passes. I do know that the carping is endemic and must stop in order for anything t improve. Part of me hopes that England get knocked out on Wednesday, celebrating the success of this bunch of ingrates would require serious compromise.  At least if they get knocked out Fabio will resign and then unleash almighty vengeance by exposing the ludicrous demands, expectations and fragile egos of this hapless bunch of cuntbeaks.

Will it change anything? I suspect not but it might lead to more of a tabloid swing towards blame of players, rather than the likely Bolognese Head that will appear when we lose.  Fabio, like many of his immediate predecessorsget somne flack for the eneormous pile of cash they get to manage an international team. They clearly have to, it’s danger money in order to soften the blow of having to with these egomaniancs.

Like Fabio’s, the management style of the last three or four England managers has come under the spotlight after perceived player criticism.  Given the vast majority of those managers had a decent record one can only assume some other force is at play, maybe the players are not as good as they think they are or the FA is constantly employing the wrong men.  The latter is feasible but both Sven and Fabio were internationally renowned.  The former, however, is quite clearly a trend.  It’s funny that the same core of twats keeps having issues with managers’ style but yet only when they aren’t winning.

As is becoming the pattern, the players are now taking stick for being useless and they’ve clearly decided to castrate themsleves with the reason that it is because Fabio picks his team too late.   Much is made of the courage of the English footballer but it’s rarely in evidence in psychological terms in an England camp.  Long gone are the days when Psycho or Butcher (or even beckham!) will step up and take the lead by example.  This courage may sometimes manifest itself physically but where are the genuine guts, where are the massive cojones, where is the self respect, where is the pride?  There was very little of it on show in the last week.

Do we really want England to win the World Cup?  Can we really celebrate this bunch?  All will be forgotten of course, in that event, but the core of this team can easily be perceived as rotten.  John Terry, Frank Lampard, Steven Gerrard,  Ashley Cole and Wayne Rooney keep having the same old problems, it is becoming increasingly clear the people with the problem are the players and not the manager, or the ball, or the altitude … It is not even necessarily because they aren’t good enough, which they might not be, it’s simply because they are maladjusted young men who have been almost dehumansied by their clubs, the big clubs.  They are insufficiently balanced human beings and cannot cope with this scenario.

In my eyes, the only way to  change this is for Premier League managers to stop pandering to these millionaires, stop making excuses for them, stop protecting them in the face of the obvious error. Well, given that the manager is always the one who get’s the owner’s blame for failure, i can’t see why the player would take any notice o fthe manager so it has to come down to the owner. Except he’s not English, has lot sof money invested and wants blood, he doesn’t give a shite.


In a short postscript I would just like to bash my usual target.  You’ll notice that it’s not just Terry and England in this tournament.  Deco’s had a pop at Key Hair Osh.  Anelka has clashed with Domenech … OK, Domenech is bonkers and Blanc was perhaps foollishly named his successor before this tournament began but he is still the manager and, whether you like him or not, presumably you have some professional pride and actually want to win the World Cup?  Or maybe not. My point being that these players all play for the same club team. And, talking of Terry, is this man the most deluded of all?.  Stripped of the England captaincy for nailing the mother of team mate’s child, he think he’s the obvious choice of leader to lay down a challenge to the England manager. He’s the manager John, do as you’re told and get on with it or go home.


  1. I agree with most of your sentiments, though you could have gone further in explaining just what an utter prick John Terry was in doing that press conference.

    On that Wayne Rooney thing, though, I agree with you that the fans have a right to boo, and I’m not sure quite what reception Rooney was expecting, but I don’t think his comments were that bad. He’d clearly just had a shit game, England had played poorly and I think he was just venting his frustration at the fact that everything had gone wrong for him. I’d probably be annoyed too and being a hot-headed Celt as well I’d have probably reacted similarly.

  2. Damon Threadgold

    I don’t think the Rooney thing is a big deal to be honest, like you said, he was as frustrated as the rest of us.

    Although I find the delusions of John Terry baffling, I’ve wasted too much of my life talking about them on here already …

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