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Episode 2 – Sweaty Socks

This week, Damon, Bruno, Taylor and Cockles are joined by Veld-bound Nick. [raw feed link here]

As well as the regular amusement of Call My Fact and the bile filled hole that is Media Watch, we ramble on about SWEAT, Peter Drury, Scotland, Ryman Smeltz, the People’s Johnson, April 25th, reportage from 50s America, Weiss, Dunga Style, Corden and the games so far.

We try, and partly fail, to not talk too much about England and predict no riot for Brazil as we feature The Democratic People’s Republic intriguing samba clash. No animals were hurt, we love Gabbies Logan and Clarke and Taylor gets VUVU’d for more contentious comments.

One thing we DON’T mention is ITV HD, we wanted to but it’s passed now, let it lie, it’s already been said.

Next week we’re focusing on the Kiwis, with a bit of luck they’ll still have an outside chance of progression. If there’s anything you Kiwis want discussing, just drop us a line here, on the Twitter feed or at TheRealFACup Facebook page.

Apologies for the burst of excitement at about 40 minutes, we advise you turn the volume down until we can resolve the issues.

Thanks for listening/reading.

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