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Podcast: RealWorldCup

Well, here we go. Our first tentative steps into the world of the podcast. Not new, no bells and whistles and you’ve stopped subscribing to loads of others. You may well do the same here but give us a go for a few weeks before having your head turned by the big boys and their Tactics Trucks.

Linky to podcast here, for now. Hopefully available on iTunes shortly, we’re just waiting for the review.

This first effort is a test, mostly to see if the 8 year old G4 iBook will stand up to it. This episode me, Andy and Ryan just have a bit of a chinwag about the England squad, all those ads, our hopes for the finals and some filthy porn. There was also some brief mention of the Switzerland World Cup in 1954 but I think we got away with it. Mind you, those crazy Swiss certainly know how to throw a party, 140 goals in just 26 matches. More of that would be fuckin’ ‘A’.

In the weeks to come we’ll be more structured, have a look at the fortunes of NZ, Honduras, South Africa and North Korea, among others. We’ll be keeping a beedy eye on the media and having a chuckle at inevitable big boy tantrums *MexiCAN*.

Joining us from South Africa, whenever he can, will be Nick from Last Seat On The Plane blog. And if we’re lucky Simon will chuck us some bones from whichever part of the Americas he’s currently in. Will he be back before the final …. ???

Next week’s effort will include our first Underdog Feature … the Hosts, South Africa. As we’re new to this any comments, abusive or otherwise, are more than welcome and any questions might even be pondered by the expert panel.


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