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World Cup Song Free For All


As thorough visitors to this site will know, well known singer songwriter Dylan Ross contributed lyrics to make our own official song.

Despite some basic music knowledge and access to super intelligent software, some percussion instruments and an Ocarina, extreme lack of talent has meant we’ve never got round to putting any music to it. And neither has anyone else. But Dylan now has! You’ll find the link on our ‘Official Song’ page but it’s also here on Dylan’s youtube channel.

In pure realfacup style, Dylan says he’s properly recorded the song “in response to the glut of football songs doing the rounds thanks to the FA’s decision not to have an official song this time around”. He, like us, stared whistfully skywards and pondered what Keith Allen would be doing with himself this summer …

Enjoy. And … stop press … Dylan has been linked up on Square Football

And, as we’re going a bit Real World Cup for the summer, why not also head over to Square Football for more unoffical World Cup song action. If you haven’t already.

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