the real fa cup

The Real World Cup

As the FA Cup is now, essentially, over and the other domestic tournoi are either awaiting the final or complet, as Sepp might say, our thoughts are turning to the summer. What sort of football bloggers would we be if we didn’t pay any heed to the WORLD CUP?

As a precursor to next season’s FA Cup we’re pondering a trial podcast to accompany you through the not quite as cold season and the tournamental distraction that is the WORLD CUP. The Real World Cup? Hmmm … As one aquaintance of ours accurately noted “[I] wouldn’t be able to get my head round a REAL World Cup – unless you know the way to FIFA’s pure, Corinthian heart.” OK, it’s stretching a point but this is a pilot.

We’re hoping to deliver a weekly podcast during the opening group stages and then with every round but what are we going to witter on about? Well, being the Real FA Cup it would be foolish of us to not focus on the underdogs to start with and, as they fall by the wayside, tolerate with the corporates. On top of that, though, we’ll be seeking to answer some questions from you. What do you want to know about, what do you think WE should know about? Drop us a line here or post on our Facebook page.

We’ll let you know more when we’re ready to embarass ourselves but, until then, get with Zakumi, look up the Kiwis and infiltrate Los Catrachos.

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