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Sony & FIFA: Great For Kids!

“Typical Germans” said Lord Stopwatch last week after the imaginery-card wielding Frenchman asked for Rafael to be given red. Although Suralex’s ejecta was jingoistic, ironic and geographically challenged his point appeared to be that trying to get a fellow pro sent off was just not cricket. You know, he couldn’t condone such uncorinthian ethics.

BIg Alex is a gobshite but it would be nice if players could set a better example to kids. FOR GOD’S SAKE, THINK OF THE CHILDREN!! Which is why my dander was raised today when I saw the ad for the NEW Sony Internet telly. It’s a telly, it’s the internet, it’s tellynet. To promote this landmark in technology they have superimposed some exuberant, childhood jumpers for goalposts action onto a massive stadium with loads of fans. The strapline “Imagine reliving the greatest games” seems to suggest the premise is that you can watch the real World Cup footy AND upload phone clips of your kids’ games ON THE SAME DEVICE!!!!

Ignoring the fact a small cable at 1/1000 of the cost of TELLYNET can connect your phone to the TV, or indeed your PC to the TV, the kids portrayed were acting like adults on the pitch. Doesn’t sound a great crime does it?

However, ads work, they do, and although the point is that you should buy tellynet, this ad says to kids that it is acceptable to cynically trip your opponent, crowd the ref, spit (no, OK, that’s not a huge deal, we aren’t pensioners) and at one point it appears that one of the kids is brandishing an imaginary card. Wholesome stuff.

Add to all that a scuffed shot, a glance up into the crowd where a parent is glaring in disappointment at the crestfallen child and you have an image of what Sony think our kids should spire to on a football pitch. Magical, isn’t it.

The best bit though, as this ad has a World Cup theme, is that one of the brands supporting this campaign, logo on-screen at the end, is FIFA. Yes, FIFA. Football’s governing body, FIFA. Fair Play FIFA. Stamp out stuff, FIFA. We always knew their initiatives were hollow, didn’t we? Superb.

On second viewing I’m not actually so sure about the card-brandishing urchin but it does look like it. We might have to change that headline though.

Here’s the Ad in question. And, as a post script … here’s an ad created by some alleged creative types with a somewhat simplistic view of some of the images seen in the Sony ad.

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