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Goodbye FA Cup, Hello Vase

If the rumours are anywhere near true then a team struggling to avoid relegation into League 1 and with a £40million pile of debt are about to roll a very big dice by spending £3million on an erratic solution to their goalscoring problem. I really do despair.*

With the Real FA Cup now OVER, we must keep ourselves occupied with money, sorry, football. Fraudian slip there. But not in the last sentence. The Real FA Vase is born! Yay for the Real FA Vase! For this week, anyway.

So, where are we going and why. Chertsey and because they’re playing last year’s winners, Whitley Bay, who we missed seeing over Christmas thanks to the rubbish lack of heat and presence of hard floors.

OK, there’s a leap from Ipswich Town, the aforementioned money throwers, to Whitley Bay but there is tenuous relevance why I mentioned them at the head of this piece. Personally, the other half is from Whitley, hence the Christmas visit, and, secondly, Whitley’s finest recent FA Cup moment was a victory over Preston North End in the 3rd round in 1990. This weekend, Preston beat the aforementioned big spenders, Ipswich Town, of whom I have the misfortune to consider myself a ‘fan’. The circle of life is complete. More pertinently, that infernal bunch of overpaid, undertalented blue wearing annoyances are the main reason this website exists. Gah.

The truth is, the last time we went to Chertsey, the game was gash, they were gash and they lost to the rozzers and Simon entertained with some pig punnery. I say ‘we’ but ‘I’ missed that game so ‘I’ int bin. Innit. Chertsey of the Combined Counties have managed the QFs of the Vase twice.

Being the Southerner, I guess I should root for Chertsey but, hey, give me the choice and I’ll be like an England captain in a sweet shop. Whitley are at the same level of the pyramid but two time winners and current holders of the Vase. Quick question but why isn’t the trophy for the FA Vase, a vase?

So, this is going to be novel. Off out on the lash to a game of footy with the lady! First time ever! First time in the 11 years I’ve known her. It’s not that she doesn’t like footy, she does, I think. Although she is offended by the rewards thicko players get in relation to the ‘arts’ and is not a big fan of elements of some club’s support, she did once have a Reading season ticket, of all things. I am half expecting her to bottle it though. *waves* [she won’t read this anyway]

Whitley are stumbling after the Christmas whiteout, the previous round being their only win in four games since the freeze. Chertsey on the other hand have only played 2 games in 6 weeks and they won both of them. John Pomroy has 7 goals in the Vase but will he add to them this weekend? Glancing out the window, this week seems to be getting frosty again so we’ll have to keep an eye out for cancellations.

Both of these teams are in the odd position of having good seasons, in the top 3 of their league but miles behind the leaders. Any interesting gossip on either team, Tweet us, add comments below or email us! Cheers.


*I no longer despair, this turns out to be only rumour. Thank god. I’m not changing it though, unless some other teams spends a desperate amount of money …

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