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Your Report: The Stones Vs The Millers

Our first independent report in a few weeks and this poetic missive comes from a neutral local, Paul, who went to the Wealdstone v Rotherham game. Looks like his initial experience wasn’t too sharp but by the end maybe the Stones have a new fan? We should add that these are not the views of therealfacup – our report up shortly.

An FA Cup journey began at a Wetherspoons in a positive manner.
4 pints for a fiver is not to be sniffed at.
A slightly simple looking Rotherham fan chatted.
Initial fears of violence were soon dispelled.
A quiet suburban Ruislip afternoon was destroyed by a car alarm and a host of chanting.
On the walk, a turning missed and a kick off missed.
On arrival the ground was a shed.
The ticket overpriced.
The view terrible.
The toilets warm.
A walk of 3 sides of the ground yielded a small hole at a fence to see ¾ of a pitch.
The first goal was missed behind a head and possibly due to a lack of attention.
The spectator was thinking – what’s all the fuss about this FA cup lark.
The 2nd goal a goodun. Some bald guy tonked it in past the afro-ed peach keeper.
The onion bag bulged.
On half time the crowd moved
A view was gained
An average day became far better in the 2nd half.
A small hillock was found.
The Grassy Knoll of Football.
A quality underdog goal.
Some breakaway league team luck.
A solid spirited fight back from the local builders and token postman.
Another quality goal. 3-2…
More chances.
A spectator was happy.
A Romance? Not sure – but certainly a start.
Come on you Stones!

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