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FA Cup 1st Round Poll

OK non-league folks, you’re off to BIG school and with this poll we’re going to try to keep it real. Rather than voting for the tie you WANT us to go and see, you should vote for the ties you DON’T WANT us to go and see. Maybe that tie includes your local rivals, maybe you just don’t like a particular team or you think they don’t deserve some extra visitors and extra coverage? The tie with the least votes wins and therealfacup is heading that way. In the event of a draw, bribes or good banter wins Click below to vote or go to the poll on the right.

Our theory is that the league teams can sway a positive vote with a larger fan base so we’re trying to even it up for the non-league sides. This may not work so bare with us with this experiment – and please let us know what you think. And apologies if your club isn’t on the list, maybe next time.

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