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So, Where To Next? Poll Time!

Here we go again. 4th Qualifying Round of the FA Cup. The one that everyone wants to win to get a shot at a league side. But where are we going and who is going to get their hands on the prize?

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So, a fair sprinkling of Blue Square Premier teams there, we could be accused of going for the big clubs!!! But, no, yet again we just need to stay fairly close to home, although this may change if there are any fixtures rearranged. Potential upsets at Farnborough and Tooting are the ones we’d like to go to but we like H&R’s ground and locale and we’ve never been to Bromley or Tooting’s grounds, so they would be welcome. The big game, though, is arguably at Crawley, where we’ve seen them fall before.

Over to you … tell us where to go!!

  1. Hampton & Richmond v Sutton

  2. Damon Threadgold

    Laura, you have 90 minutes to pull back teh vote for H&R v Sutton!! The AFC Wimbledon fans have been out in force. It’s up to you now!!! Cheers, Damon.

  3. Damon Threadgold

    Poll closes at 5pm today. For the avoidance of doubt. 55mins.

  4. Hampton & Richmond V Sutton

  5. Colchester Utd. Or are they too big a side to go watch?

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