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The Votes Are In…

So, here it is, the biggest vote in our short history! 83 people tried to influence who we watch this weekend and it is … … Wingate & Finchley .v. Aylesbury ! Thank you all!

It looked like Walton & Hersham .v. Enfield Town all the way but then Sutton .v. Uxbridge came up on the rails but Wingate & Finchley .v. Aylesbury stole in at the end. Great stuff. Let’s hope the game matches the vote for tension.

So, the game, yes, the game, Orde Wingate would I am sure be pleased to see us there. Wiki that, he was THE Wingate.

We have at least two, probably four, cupsters signed up for this game already so what’s the plan? The ground is miles from the tube so crawl on the way?

First up here and that would appear to be about it. Any locals know the score? Then the club bar after some walking, or a bus.

We’ve been pretty south-centric so far so here’s a quick shout out for Northern allies who are actually being productive and raising some dosh for charity while they watch the FA Cup

  1. The bar at Wingate is just expensive cans off the shelf. The supporters of our mens team use the rugby club bar next door if its open. you should have selected the walton-enfield town game as thats where i will be.

  2. Cheers for the tip off. The Walton/Enfield game was leading right up until the last few minutes! Maybe next time we’ll get Enfield?

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