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New Poll: NEXT GAME!


All but one replay to resolve and then it’s on to round 2 of qualifying. But which game?

This is our final round of laziness, next round we may be venturing beyond the M25 and in to the uncharted waters of the home counties, or maybe further.

I’m sure there’s some poetry in here somewhere, do your best, but should we go see:

The Generals, The Blues, The Reds or The U’s, The Ducks, The Blues or even The Tangerines. The Towners or Ravens, The Swans or The Heathens, The Wings, The Rocks or maybe the Baggies.

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  1. Welling used to be managed by former Gillingham legend, football genius Adrian Pennock. And if their match goes to a replay, you can always go chav spotting in Lakeside (no hoodies allowed though).

  2. I’m a Bluewater man, myself.

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