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Next Game: Hamlet v Sevenoaks

Poll winners this time are our local side Dulwich Hamlet. A very short poll window this time meant very few votes, we’ll try to make it longer next time.

In the course of the next few days we’ll hopefully have some interviews from each side, a preview of the round and details for the day. If you want to join us, drop us a line, but we’ll almost certainly be pre-match-ing at The Vale in East Dulwich.


  1. Hi, I live near Dulwich and hope to make a few Hamlets game this season. Will keep an eye on the blog. Are there any chants or terrace banter I should know?

  2. Hi Rob,
    Cheers, we’re a bit biased but would recommend a trip to the Hamlet. They’re a very young side with some decent footballers, especially the wide men and through the spine of the side. They could do with some songs but there is some banter in the main stands and especially in the bar at HT.

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