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“Let He Who Didn’t Watch The FIFA World Cup Cast The First Stone” – John 8:2-1

FIFA’s recent troubles have been leapt on by the blogging community and the mainstream writing fraternity alike. Our collective dislike of FIFA has led to campaigns launched against a number of FIFA’s ‘media partners’ such as Adidas and some other big brands.

The homogenised blogocracy have never been fans of Blatter but they really have leapt on this particular bandwagon with gusto. ‘Down wid dis toip a ting’, “boycott Adidas!” and “don’t buy Coca-Cola” just a few of the zeitgeist feelings emoted to bring about a swift downfall to the old man. FIFA’s money comes from these brands, it comes from these brands via the World Cup, realistically, as it is FIFA’s only real money maker. These brands can only earn FIFA money if people watch the World Cup, which they did, in billions. That’s us folks, football bloggers were chief among those fans gorging on football, gorging on Sepp Blatter’s product, talking about it, regurgitating it and perpetuating it.

This doesn’t mean Blatter and FIFA don’t need attacking but when your ire gets round to those backing FIFA, first have a word with the ones that give them the biggest mandate, the ones who bought into THE PRODUCT, the fans themselves, you. This horse is very high, I am getting off it now. I must, I have to have a word with myself right now, we even did a fricking World Cup podcast!! Doh!

  1. Absolutely right. I myself will refuse to watch another World Cup for at least another three years until all this nonsense is dealt with.

  2. I haven’t bought Adidas for years, haven’t drunk coke since they tried to ‘create’ a viral ad with Beckham booting balls in bins on the beach (actually that might have been the other lot) and didn’t watch a single minute of the World Cup last year for the first time since I grew out of nappies.

    Hmm, I don’t think theyll notice if I join in the boycott.

    Sorry. 🙂

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