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Panini Scandal

267508803[1].jpg To be brutally honest, this game was Dulwich’s for the first 40 minutes, then W&F scored and it was all over. Two great saves from Wingate’s Gavin King in that forty minutes of more or less incessant pressure, while his opposite number, James Dunn,  also pulled off two excellent efforts from Wingate breakaways.

After the Wingate goal the Dulwich team went quite literally to shite, while their fans upped their game. In fact, the louder the Hamlet fans got, the worse their team became. Even when they did get near the box they contrived to shoot at each other, miss kicks, lose headers and generally FAIL. I was annoyed, we’re not fans of Wingate & Finchley,  tsk.

So, I shall now be most childish and call it a day, Wingate deserved their win eventually but there were bigger things afoot here. I GOT CHARGED £4 FOR A FUCKING PANINI THE SIZE OF TWO FINGERS. Even that’s churlish, the two beers on were good and only £2.70. Still, despite putting on a good final with some nicely trimmed privet, I leave the ground embittered and very much burgled by the Met on the panini front.

That will teach me not to have pie/burger/pasty/chips. Ideas above my station innit. Well, it was a final, I thought it would be a treat.

Wingate & Finchley 2 Dulwich Hamlet 0

Top notch nostalgia line up though.

Dulwich Hamlet lost, nothing else matters.

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