the real fa cup

Six o’6

What to watch, who to watch and what to do before that. Preview & Renseignements Touristique from Graham Yapp.

Arundel 3-1 RPV

Stefan Appleby at the 85 minute game between Arundel and Raynes Park Vale. Includes stanchion action and bucolia.

1080 Minutes From Wembley

1080 minutes from Wembley, unless you have to replay.

Even Sevens

The Seven Derby. Glen Wilson comes to terms with life. Includes (a brilliant) Rod Hull reference. Oaks 1-1 Acre & Sidcup.

Breakfast At Emley’s

He's back>back>back. Stuart Fuller heads north to win his breakfast. Emley 7-1 Parkgate.

The Angry & Imperfect

Geat Yarmouth Town 0-3 Norwich United. Only one gratuitous seaside photo. A perfect winger and an angry man.



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